Wagner Environmental Consultants specializes in a wide variety of environmental consulting services. From underground storage tank location to drinking water evaluation, we offer a full assortment of analytical services—and the clean-up services required to maintain a high level of environmental safety. Scroll down to view our professional environmental site offerings. If you have a need, we have a solution.


Environmental Site Assessments are now required by most lending institutions for real estate transactions. Whether a business is undergoing investment proceedings, sale of property or leasing agreements, an initial, or Phase I assessment is needed to document the environmental condition of a property and to evaluate risk. The due diligence process satisfies the requirement that an "all appropriate" inquiry has been conducted to reduce environmental liability. Our experience indicates that merely satisfying the minimum requirement does not guarantee that all potential liabilities have been identified. Until recently, there were no clear guidelines for conducting a Phase I assessment. In 1993, A.S.T.M. (the American Society for Testing and Materials) issued specifications to establish an industry wide, uniform method for preparing Phase I assessments. We follow the current specifications in conducting our site assessments, along with any special protocols requested by the client. Our approach is to consistently provide our clients with a comprehensive assessment on virtually any kind of real estate. Property transfers are difficult enough without having to worry about environmental problems.

Another important consideration in selecting a consultant for your Environmental Site Assessment is whether they can handle the next step, the Phase II investigation. Should the Phase I site assessment indicate further evaluation is necessary, we can smoothly set up the required sampling programs to screen for environmental risks and determine further action which may allow the transaction to proceed.

As a our client, you receive confidential, personalized, locally based service. We conduct the site assessment, design and estimate the cost of response alternatives, and complete the appropriate remediation alternative analysis and evaluation. All work is performed in a timely manner.


We provide quality analytical services through Brookside Laboratories, Inc., or other quality laboratories. Sample collection is done by our own personnel to maintain highest quality standards. Strict chain of custody procedures are followed. Brookside Laboratories, founded in 1951, has provided analytical services to over 30,000 clients worldwide. BLI is certified/approved for testing potable water and soils in six states. It has an ongoing quality assurance and monitoring program to maintain high quality analytical standards. EPA protocols are followed to meet regulatory requirements. BLI is approved by the National Hay Association and the American Forage and Grassland Council for feed analysis.

Specialized Analytical Services Include:
Industrial Wastes/wastewater
Animal wastes
Municipal sewage sludge/wastewater
Plant tissues
Solid Waste/sewage sludge composts
Animal feeds
Leachate from land disposal sites
Groundwater/surface water
Underground storage tank analysis
Drinking water analysis
Hazardous waste analysis
Contaminated soils

Providing timely, customer related services to our individual clients is our goal. We provide assistance with complex projects to select the correct analytical procedures and interpret the resulting data.


We provides land development and wetlands delineation studies to assist the land owner or developer in complying with federal and state regulations on wetlands. We provide preliminary reviews to identify areas which may be impacted by wetlands regulations. When the property is ready for development, we assist the land owner in obtaining the 404 permit from the U. S. Army Corps. of Engineers, the delegated agency for permitting wetlands development.


Our management plans assist our clients in managing environmental conditions. These plans are prepared to meet regulatory requirements, as well as providing a method of properly managing environmental risks. With our agricultural consulting experience, we are experts in providing sludge management plans for land application programs.


We provide complete project management for remediation projects. Our project manager handles the details associated with each project. This person is responsible for management of the project from start-up to completion. This assures a clear line of authority for direction and communication between the client and other parties involved in the project.


We provide complete services for closure and remediation of underground and above ground storage tanks. Our services include all operations from removal through closure reporting. We follow each critical step to obtain an approved closure for our clients.


Our staff's regulatory agency experience enables us to assist our clients in obtaining permits from various regulatory agencies.


Wagner Environmental Consultants prepares sampling plans for our clients to enable them to meet permit requirements. We provide the trained technicians and equipment to perform field sampling on a scheduled basis. Field samples are properly prepared for analysis and are delivered to the laboratory maintaining strict chain of custody procedures. Types of compliance monitoring provided by WECI includes waste water sampling and analysis to industrial clients to assure their compliance with NPDES permits, waste water sampling to meet pretreatment program requirements, and sampling of groundwater monitoring wells to measure ground water quality.




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